Alliance Insurance Group Enrollment Services are as unique as your business. We take pride in building a long-term relationship with our clients and fully understand our client’s desired outcome for their enrollment.

Alliance Enrollment Methods

Group Presentation Meetings

During enrollment presentations, Alliance offers Q&A sessions either during the meeting or after the presentation. Benefit Counselors will facilitate enrollment through clients’ own internal election forms or may only require a spreadsheet of deductions following the enrollment. We have delivered it all, and we can deliver for you.


Alliance offers two methods for enrollment: a traditional paper-based enrollment booklet or online enrollment with e-signature authorization. Both enrollment methods are quick and efficient.

Benefit Admin Systems

Alliance partners with the industries’ leading and most innovative Benefits Administration Systems which provide our larger client companies comprehensive benefits administration and enrollment, ongoing analyses during and after open enrollment, and allowing self-serve enrollment of new hires autonomously.

Alliance Insurance Group has a full-time staff of qualified Benefit Counselors available nationally, for around the clock enrollments. Our team will verify and correct employee data, communicate the value of the benefits you offer, and ensure that all enrollment and post-enrollment processes are completed as expected, allowing quicker implementation with vendors and carriers.

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